New Blog

My new blog – Inspired by the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020

Blogging during the coronavirus outbreak will now commence. In an effort to balance my worries for my family, for my parents and in-laws, extended family, my students and colleagues, my work and my future work… I am focusing on staying safe, taking care of ME (been a while…), and mostly trying to make things better for my kids and my wife. Little by little, I am able to chip away at work I’ve put off or things I MUST do (which now includes a daily search on creative ways to find toilet paper or best ways to teach online), but I am much happier when I find ways to be creative and to help ease the worries of those around me and those from afar, especially my students! I am looking forward to sharing performance recordings/videos with my USF students and colleagues. I look forward to creating an artistic community via the Slack app for my studio. Most of all, I look forward to connecting with those I cherish and love. Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

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